Thursday, November 22, 2007

Gobble, Gobble.

It's incredibly surprising how busy McDonald's is on Thanksgiving.

It surprised everyone, including the owner and the store manager, who cut hours down to literally nothing. Then, during breakfast from 8 all the way to 10:30 breakfast cut-off, when we were really busy, and short-staffed, it surprised our customers, as well.

Lunch was like a normal mid-week lunch. This surprised me more than anything. Breakfast I understand. You're cooking up a storm for dinner, who wants to cook a breakfast too? But lunch? At 1:30 PM?

In my family, and everyone I have spoken to about this, Thanksgiving Dinner is usually eaten early afternoon, 2, maybe 3 o'clock. How exactly is it normal for people to be coming in in well-dressed groups of 4-6 family members, ordering $25-$30 worth of food? How is it normal for people to swing through Drive Thru ordering 20 Double Cheeseburgers and 10 Hot N' Spicys?

It's insanity, but at least we were closed at 2:00, and I was able to make it home for a lovely dinner with the family.

I'm thankful for my loving wife, who takes better care of me than perhaps I deserve. I'm thankful for my two children, both intelligent (if they don't always use it to it's fullest potential), both have all the right parts in all the right places, and both are incredibly cute and well behaved around strangers. I'm thankful for my McDonald's opportunity and all the prosperous future that it holds for me.

Happy Thanksgiving. Be thankful for those around you. Be thankful for every day you wake up - another day on this side of the ground means you've won.